Małgorzata Limon was born in 1986 in Gdańsk. She graduated with a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. In 2012 she defended her diploma thesis entitled: “tête-à-tête” at the Faculty of Painting under Prof. Maciej Swieszewski, with an annex under Prof. Cezary Paszkowski.

In 2009 she received a scholarship from the Erasmus Programme – she studied at the Accademia degli Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, where she studied painting in the studio of Prof. Stefano Pizzi. In 2010-13 she graduated from two schools of make-up and image of Beauty Art and Magnus Film receiving the Diploma of Theatre and Film Make-up artist. Currently she works as a make-up artist in Polish Television and paints oil paintings.
Additionally, in 2008 she completed a one-month artistic internship
in Passau ended with an exhibition at the “Modell Cultures” gallery. She took part in the International Art Festivals:
– Forein Drama Festival, Ayadin, Turkey
– Arte Vento, Cervia, Italy

The artist takes up subjects related to man and his psychological traits. She wants to explore the human interior, its longings, dreams and secrets. She likes to paint portraits that have completely dominated her work. The power of color is a tool for her to express her emotions and character of the model she is portraying. She is strongly inspired by nature rich in countless colors.

Małorzata Limon art



Małgorzata Limon wystawa Katharsis - Gdańsk 2021